2014 - January Announcement

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commandev Mar 15 @ 12:44am 
When is the Shelter Honeybadger DLC coming? :)
Fangorn Feb 18 @ 6:44am 
Thanks for the news. Could anyone give some tips or an explanation on Nurture? While I was able to quickly figure out the basics of Shelter (and appreciated the open ended nature of the game) I don't seem to know what to do in Nurture. I also agree that achievements would be a fun addition to Shelter. The only shame about Shelter is that it's so short and we can't constantly play new expansions or a multiplayer version of it.
A Titan's Nightmare Jan 26 @ 10:38am 
I love the nurture setting! It makes you want to play the game every day! The adventure one is scary! How sometimes the eagles comes and could possibly take your young! This game is so realistic!
Hutmacher #GER Finale! :] Jan 23 @ 7:10am 
Fantastic work, I will install it again..
comp9 Jan 22 @ 6:36pm 
Will you add achievements at some point? I know they aren't as alluring to add because they do not generate money directly but they are still a fun play-style option to have.
frappattack Jan 11 @ 6:48am 
Great game! I absolutely love it. I haven't started Nurture yet but I look forward to playing it.
I also look forward to replaying this game again and again. 10/10 :D
Pablo Gomes Kiipper Jan 10 @ 8:59am 
Thats cool. Hope it gets extra content or a second game with others animals to play.
co2ash Jan 7 @ 11:45am 
It is so good news!