Shelter Trading Cards

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Fangorn Feb 17 @ 7:45pm 
That is great news! Is a price drop planned for Shelter? I found it to be an incredible game and I highly recommend it to everyone. But it is hard to convince people to spend ten dollars on a game that plays through in a couple of hours when steam is a place where ten dollars buys them almost anything. I am not one to tell you how to run your game, only suggest that you might make more money for future games if you were to either add additional in game content or lower the price a good bit.
kirbman101 Feb 6 @ 7:42pm 
Keep up the great work M&D!
BrotherChe Feb 6 @ 5:07am 
I'm sorry if this isn't the place to ask, but a few of us in the forums are experiencing a bug where we can't drop food (vegetables, frogs, etc.). Is there a patch coming for this?
Other than that, the games is great, but with this bug, well...
Ehoфbano Feb 4 @ 2:23am 
frorezt Jan 31 @ 4:58am 
thx for backgrounds & emoticons guys!
Danny® Jan 25 @ 2:30pm 
Madn3ss795 Jan 25 @ 2:02am 
What I really really want is having the scenes on Shelter's trading cards as Steam backgrounds to feature on my profile since they're extremely beautiful! Current backgrounds of Shelter are somewhat lacking, and most players who collect cards are to craft badge, but we'll lose all the cards after crafting the badge.
Dani Jan 23 @ 1:59pm 
Shelter is a wonderful experience, unique and beatiful. Thanks!
Northgod Jan 23 @ 12:41pm 
Great! Thank you very much :)
Flo :] Jan 23 @ 12:15pm