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MODO Steam Edition for DOTA 2 and other Source engine games

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MODO Steam Edition is for DOTA 2 enthusiasts, modders, and hobbyists who need professional polygon modeling and sculpting, streamlined UV editing, and an easy to use direct export straight into DOTA 2. Purpose built for the STEAM community, MODO Steam Edition delivers a complete content creation solution for Source engine games.

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We are pleased to announce our first update to MODO Steam Edition. This update is also sequenced with a MODO Steam Compatibility Kit hat will be added to all MODO 701 user accounts on It's important to note these are two separate things but related in subject matter.

There are two main distinguishing features in these updates.
  • First we are adding the ability to export a (limited) OBJ file to MODO Steam Edition. This has the same limitations as the FBX exporter currently has.
  • Second we are adding the ability for content that was created and saved in MODO Steam Edition to be loaded by MODO 701.
Meaning that MODO SE users can now create and sell items for more games in the Steam Workshops and load the unlimited .blx data into full MODO.

MODO Steam Edition 1.1 update includes following fixes and enhancements:
  • New feature: OBJ export has been added to support exporting to additional Steam Games
  • Having foreign locales installed stops Modo Steam Edition from launching – fixed
  • Modo Steam Edition doesn't recognize russian language character sets in file names and paths – fixed
  • Having additional files present in 'extra' directory causes failure on startup - fixed
  • DOTA Content - Templar Assassin Joint is misshaped - fixed
  • Texture Replicator > Local Projection does not do anything – fixed
  • Exceeding max character limit when saving a brush preset crashes Modo Steam Edition – fixed
  • Missing Script: Create Close Layout/ Absolute – fixed
  • Updated DOTA2 heros list (dota2db.xml)
MODO Steam Compatibility Kit
  • A kit for MODO 701 customers that enables the ability to load native MODO Steam Edition files (.blx)
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