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Welcome to the official Steam group of Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition!

Join us to stay in touch with the devs, learn the latest news about the project and get to know more fellow pilots!

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Dear pilots!

This May we celebrate the amazing 6th anniversary of Rise of Flight’s initial release and we enter its 7th year of availability. It’s hard to believe that so many challenging, but greatly creative years have passed since we began working on ROF – but we see ROF still alive and in good health thanks to ROF’s wonderful community.

In appreciation of the continued support of our dear players, and to show Rise of Flight our love we are making these three excellent announcements.

First, the game will be updated in the beginning of June with a pack of bug fixes. In particular, we’re addressing the broken gunner system - getting the issue fixed will no doubt be a big relief to all bomber pilots and server operators.

Second, in addition to the project’s first Russian aircraft ILYA Muromets we’re are releasing a new airplane! It is the S-16 fighter created by the renowned aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky, Russia’s very first mass-production fighter plane with a machine-gun synchronizer. Now you can escort the big S-22 on combat missions!


And finally, to celebrate ROF’s the 7th year on the market we’re launching a 70% off sale on all game content (except ILYA Muromets and upcoming S-16). It’s a wonderful bargain and also a chance to check out the new store page on our updated official site. The sale will of course be going on Steam as well. The 70% discount will remain active from May 25th till June 1st.

Thanks for your continued support, and see you in the skies of ROF!
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