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Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition

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Welcome to the official Steam group of Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition!

Join us to stay in touch with the devs, learn the latest news about the project and get to know more fellow pilots!

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Dear Pilots!

This May we celebrate the amazing 7th anniversary of Rise of Flight initial release: its 8th year of availability just begun. It’s hard to believe that so many challenging, but great and creative years have passed. We're proud to see it in good health thanks to the wonderful community and our development team.

During this time, 35+ huge updates were released to our community including 40 planes and more than 38 aircraft modifications. Over 150,000 square kilometers of historically recreated territories of both WWI fronts are available to you now. You can fly over Western and Eastern fronts in World War One for the first time in the game development history.

To celebrate the 8th year on the market we’re launching a 66% off sale on all game content. The offer is valid until May 2nd.

Thank you for your support and see you in the skies of Rise of Flight!
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