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Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition

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Welcome to the official Steam group of Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition!

Join us to stay in touch with the devs, learn the latest news about the project and get to know more fellow pilots!

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Dear Pilots!

We've spent a week merging your Rise of Flight and ILYA Muromets accounts and now we're finally ready to park the plane in your virtual hangars. The Sikorsky S-22 is here to deliver some bomb loads where it's needed most. And if you purchased it on the ROF site then you'll get a nice addition of an Albatros D.III and a Russian Nieuport 17 with all field and weapons mods included. Both of these fighters and the S-22 bomber are featured in the included Eastern Front Campaign missions which you can play if you have the ILYA Muromets in your account. The Steam version of it will be released later, please stay in touch for news updates.

The earlier announced United Edition has also been released. This version upgrades the free-to-play edition adding one extra plane – the Nieuport 17 Dux along with making the Ukrainian map available to everyone.

Meanwhile we keep working on the new mouse control system and preparing for the updated Steam version and the winter holidays approach. That means that our traditional Christmas and New Year's sale is now upon us.

Have you been dreaming about a gift for yourself? Something mighty, with a cool engine sound, exquisite interior and made of ecology-safe materials? Well, we have literally tons of these machines that you can give yourselves. They come equipped with a 60% discount this Holiday Season! All planes (except ILYA Muromets), weapon and field modifications, maps and personalization packs are included into our Christmas offer, which lasts from Thursday, December 18th 10 AM Pacific till Friday, January 2nd 10AM Pacific. Enjoy the up-coming holidays with you family and friends, and don't forget to use this time wisely - the ROF Steam page offer lots of nice gift ideas.
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