Season's Greetings and Dev Updates

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Quad-IOS 1月7日 4時19分 
Welcome back, and thanks for doing a great job :)
Dram 1月7日 3時52分 
Thanks for the well wishes guys. Very much appreciate your feedback and support! We are back in the office and again hard at work!
Quad-IOS 2013年12月30日 0時44分 
Happy Holidays :)
harDCor_barra 2013年12月23日 14時28分 
Thank you everyone! Happy holidays to you all
Lavak 2013年12月23日 13時53分 
Dakujeme aj vam stastne a vesele.
ncaa|houdl 2013年12月23日 13時16分 
Hello Take on Mars Team,

have a nice holiday and merry christmas to you all!
Have a nice time with your famlies!

Get some freetime and relax after doing a great job on this game!

Happy new year to all of you!

greetings from Germany

Kucka Duppa 2013年12月23日 5時52分 
Thank you Take On Mars team.
Scorcher24 2013年12月23日 3時32分 
Sounds awesome Martin. Thanks for your work on the game so far, I really like it. Excited what the next year will bring to Take On Mars. Have nice Holidays and a happy new year.

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