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Season's Greetings and Dev Updates

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Quad-IOS 7 jan 2014 om 4:19vm 
Welcome back, and thanks for doing a great job :)
Dram 7 jan 2014 om 3:52vm 
Thanks for the well wishes guys. Very much appreciate your feedback and support! We are back in the office and again hard at work!
Quad-IOS 30 dec 2013 om 12:44vm 
Happy Holidays :)
harDCor_barra 23 dec 2013 om 2:28nm 
Thank you everyone! Happy holidays to you all
Lavak 23 dec 2013 om 1:53nm 
Dakujeme aj vam stastne a vesele.
ncaa|houdl 23 dec 2013 om 1:16nm 
Hello Take on Mars Team,

have a nice holiday and merry christmas to you all!
Have a nice time with your famlies!

Get some freetime and relax after doing a great job on this game!

Happy new year to all of you!

greetings from Germany

Emperor Lrrr (◣◢)┌∩┐ 23 dec 2013 om 5:52vm 
Thank you Take On Mars team.
Scorcher24 23 dec 2013 om 3:32vm 
Sounds awesome Martin. Thanks for your work on the game so far, I really like it. Excited what the next year will bring to Take On Mars. Have nice Holidays and a happy new year.

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