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Hello everyone!

Just now we released another post-launch update. This one features a major net-code revision which fixes the crashes in multiplayer related to building blocks, and we spent most of the past two months on this.

We re-wrote the flow of 'new', 'Remote Procedure Call (RPC)' and 'delete' for packet flow. In the past this was always carried out in the following order:
1) New - any objects created on the server were created on clients
2) Delete - any objects deleted on the server were deleted on the clients
3) RPC - These procedure calls were carried out in the order they were sent

This led to a major problem however, as sometimes it was necessary to first call an RPC and then delete the object, such as ungrouping of blocks when a group was deleted. This led to desynch issues, broken functionality and downright crashes. The game code itself had been written in a way so as to handle this flow, however we recently uncovered certain situations where the code could never handle the situation 100%, so a revision was needed.

The revision of the packet flow has led to each event being called in the exact order it was sent, but this required a very substantial revision. After the code was revised, the game code then too had to be revised and adjusted accordingly.

But apart from this major fix, we also added the tools (Construction Tool, etc) to the 3D Printer, and also added a new vehicle!

The new vehicle is the Manned Aerial Transport, a small light-weight thruster-powered aircraft used for flying between areas and transporting smaller objects such as barrels. It is printable via the 3D Printer.

Next we plan on focusing on the remaining bugs as well as some additional content.

Thank you again for your support everyone, we hope the new update makes multiplayer more enjoyable than it has been in the past. Enjoy the new vehicle too!

Kind and sincere regards from the Take On Mars team!

9th May 2017 - Fixed Life Support Module not working correctly on clients on joining a game in progress - Fixed building block group creation code breaking multiplayer with new net code overhaul 3rd May 2017 - Added 3D GUI monitor to the Manned Aerial Transport - Added Manned Aerial Transport to the 3D Printer list 2nd May 2017 - Added character tools, such as the Construction Tool etc, to the 3D Printer list 28th April 2017 - Fixed spawning issues that cropped up due to massive changes to the net code - Fixed dynamic atmospheric zones in vehicles not synching due to massive changes to the net code - Fixed infinite spawn loop in 3D Printer 3rd April 2017 - Added new vehicle Manned Aerial Transport 24th March 2017 - Massive multiplayer net code overhaul where the flow of 'new', 'delete' and 'RPCall' functions were not consistent on clients, possibly causing instability

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