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Hello everybody!

Quite a lot of new features in our latest Divinity: Dragon Commander patch.

The new battle report system gives you detailed stats on your performance in combat, and the gifting system now allows you to gift units, resources and buildings to your allies, making multiplayer campaigns that more interesting.

We’ve also added a global chat system, improved the turn-based AI and added a bunch of community requests.

Here’s a list with the most important changes:

  • Added Global chat

  • Added battle result window with extensive combat stats and graphs

  • Gifting of units/resources/buildings

  • AI fixes for better expansion

  • Turn left/right with keyboard

  • Faster connection for UPNP devices

  • Fixes to population defecting

  • Fixed exploit for cards on strategy map

  • Allow enable/disable of golden dragon

  • Rebalanced difficulty

  • Added new cursors

  • Performance improvement in multiplayer with AI opponents

  • Allowed remapping of keyboard shortcuts for building units/buildings and
    using skills

  • Fixed custom game setting "FFA AI's always join battle"

  • Russian localization fixes to text

  • Minor balancing tweaks (warlock base damage and meteor shower)
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