Lethal Grenade Changes

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Frostheim May 1 @ 2:50pm 
Why would you limit grenades to 1 per life and then increase the cost and the minumum amount you can buy at one time? That seems like backwards thinking to me.
A^2 Apr 28 @ 6:20pm 
A beter idea would be to allow us to throw them back before they explode. As they some times fall next to me and I am hidden in a place from where its imposible to escape. But the granades take their time to blow up. So rethrowable and less time/random time before detonation makes them exciting.
SOBWiley Apr 28 @ 3:19pm 
Actually, ordinances are local laws. Ordnance refers to weapons and ammunition. Learn to spell check. lol
Populist Hype Apr 27 @ 9:30pm 
Ordinance, not ordnance. Learn to spell.
piraTe Apr 27 @ 7:59pm 
You can't even spell tactical.
[H*I*A] BurntBeanZ Apr 27 @ 5:21pm 
I truly would love to see this game with out all the Rare P90's and S**t.... I want a purely balanced game with no extremelty OP weapons.... But no.... People want to just kill and kill and kill instead of playing as a tactially planned team
@XG 69BigBoi69 Apr 27 @ 3:25pm 
EdgeAvalanche Apr 27 @ 3:20pm 
Billy The Kidd Apr 27 @ 11:16am 
leave it as two grenades i normallly misclick and killmyself with them anyway
DanteMon Apr 27 @ 9:01am 
Nice idea, but I think a limit of two grenades would be better.