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Our first extension release for Maya LT 2016 is now available. If you subscribe to Maya LT through Steam, you should automatically get the new version when Steam downloads the update.

The extension adds new functionality and includes a number of important bug fixes. To see the full list, check out the release notes on the forum here.

Here is a quick list of the latest updates:

Maya LT subscribers can get our new Stingray game engine!
Users who subscribe to Maya LT can now get access to Stingray as a part of their Maya LT subscription. The Stingray engine will be available through Steam, alongside Maya LT, by the end of October this year.

Maya LT and Stingray have been built to offer powerful connectivity between the two tools: live linked viewport cameras, one-click asset updating, and transferable physically-based shader materials.

New animation tools
The animation layer editor is now avialable in Maya LT, offering a 2 layer system for editing animations. The HumanIK system has had some usability tweaks, and it's now possible to bake retargeted animation to your control rig.

Texture baking workflow improvements
The turtle texture baking tool has been updated to support physically based area lights. And, file texture nodes now support image sequences, so artists can visualize prerendered effects or rotoscope animations.

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