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This is the Official Rekoil Steam Group hosted by 505 Games and Plastic Piranha!

Welcome to the community! Play hard, hold your ground, and have no mercy.

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Thank you to all the modders that submitted a map to the Rekoil Map Making Mod Competition! There were so many fantastic maps and it was truly amazing to see the creativity, teamwork, and skill of the modding community.

We are pleased to announce that ”Harbor Assault” by “WoLvErInE” has won the 1st place prize of an Alienware Aurora™ Gaming Desktop complete with a Dell UltraSharp Monitor, Alienware TactX™ Keyboard, TactX™ Mouse, and TactX™ Headset!

Congratulations Wolvy!

To download the map from Steam Workshop, visit:

Check out the announcement page to see the top 7 maps that rose through ranks:
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