Version 1.0.2 Beta now available...

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Mizar05 Jun 13 @ 6:55pm 
focus on a developpement for the fisheries ,like the C.R.C at Paspébiac city in Québec
for the cod in 19 centurys ,i work there today like blacksmithe ,copper and marine carpenter..
tcoover Jun 3 @ 8:14pm 
There really needs to be a Mac version for Banished I live the concept of the game and i would love to play it, however I am bound to the technology that I have been provided with.
Derpy McDerpyson Jun 3 @ 11:02am 
A system where you can assign where villagers work would be best. Have a list of the population. Click on a villager, then the place they work and their house gets highlighted (then be able to click and drag to move work location and house they live in). That setting would just have to be saved if they change jobs.
Old Peculiar May 31 @ 12:20pm 
What imafreakyhippe said. You had good intentions for placing those limitations to avoid starving and all that but it doesn't work at all. Unless we built houses on the edge of those limits to allow labors to expand then it can work but thats just stupid. Hope ya read and keep up the good work.
imafreakyhippie May 31 @ 10:40am 
The severe limitation on the distance laborers will go to collect resources has made the Beta version virtually unplayable. My laborers will not collect the stone necessary to build, but when I assign builders, they are all too happy to collect it! This is highly inefficient. What's worse, iron is necessary to continue making tools, but with laborers refusing to collect, the game quickly comes to a complete halt. BROKEN!
SnowPanda May 31 @ 1:11am 
yay fire is fixed
LordMcDude May 31 @ 12:40am 
is this game going to be on mac?
Wonderflex May 30 @ 7:57pm 
Just a reminder for those who keep asking for major overhauls to the system, such as research, tech trees, new buildings, unlocks, etc...we need to remember this is a finished game and not an early access game.
mongballs May 30 @ 6:54pm 
Come on, i've been waiting for this patch to become official and not beta before i buy this game.
Broadzilla May 30 @ 9:43am 
Ah! I am so excited for these fixes!! Thank you!