Trading Cards Now Live

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Dя. Spork is goshdarn back! 5月1日上午10:12 
Kewl beans the full game is out!
Mightymouse 3月18日下午6:14 
ah i see they managed to get honey badger...o am surprised....cause honey badger dont care......cobras beware honey badger is coming
ÐΞЄДƳӍΛИ12Ǝ [LiveTV] 3月16日下午11:28 
The man on the very end of the right. I thought he was hitler.
Tony The Intelligent Goon 3月16日上午11:28 
Add foxes and deer to the game! :D
Cousinjack 3月9日下午1:10 
I prefer beaver
Poop Ship Destroyer 3月5日下午8:51 
Badgers? BADGERS?! We don't need no stinking badgers!

Nah, j/k. I want all the badgers. Er, badges.
botella de leche 3月3日下午12:54 
mola mucho :)
ArononymouS 3月1日下午12:40 
Cousinjack 2月26日下午1:50 
Badges they can only make me want play more!!!!!!!
The Hatless Ranger 2月25日下午6:17