Trading Cards Now Live

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Pirate Shrek 1. touko 10.12 
Kewl beans the full game is out!
Mightymouse 18. maalis 18.14 
ah i see they managed to get honey badger...o am surprised....cause honey badger dont care......cobras beware honey badger is coming
ÐECλƳMΛN123 16. maalis 23.28 
The man on the very end of the right. I thought he was hitler.
Blue Power Ranger 16. maalis 11.28 
Add foxes and deer to the game! :D
Cousinjack 9. maalis 13.10 
I prefer beaver
Poop Ship Destroyer 5. maalis 20.51 
Badgers? BADGERS?! We don't need no stinking badgers!

Nah, j/k. I want all the badgers. Er, badges.
juankowicz 3. maalis 12.54 
mola mucho :)
ArononymouS 1. maalis 12.40 
Cousinjack 26. helmi 13.50 
Badges they can only make me want play more!!!!!!!
The Hatless Ranger 25. helmi 18.17