Verdun V103 Update going live

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MyDingaling 17 ott 2013, ore 5:47 
£10.99 seems a lot to help a developer out with a Beta which are usually free! The theme is great but it sounds like too many issues to warrant spending my hard earned money yet.
-=LiDoc=- 12 ott 2013, ore 20:25 
I'm sure it's a great game if I don't keep getting disconnected at the login screen.
Arcturus 10 ott 2013, ore 19:32 
Hey, I've noticed in some games that when characters die they still stand turn a pale white and block the way I've screen shot'd one such incidence of this happening and have another of a separate appearance, I'm kind of curious as to why this happens? I know its a beta and a damn good one at that, but this is kind of peculiar... However, with that being said, this is the game that I have been waiting for!!!! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the future for this game!!!
Cole Train 10 ott 2013, ore 11:19 
Game is playing great keep up the good work!
doggun15 10 ott 2013, ore 8:52 
fun game i love it! but finding games can some times get very annoying.
Steven 9 ott 2013, ore 18:43 
@Beuys der Poltergeist. The main priority should be gameplay and fixing hitboxes. Graphics are the last thing to worry about, and only tasteless CoD players care about graphics first. Besides, its an Indy game, not a huge produced game...
Den Bosch 5 ott 2013, ore 10:29 
Great, plays much better now.
Coverchrg 4 ott 2013, ore 21:33 
For me, this game is doing almost everything right. Keep up the great work!
iSucKatThis!Bitch.. 4 ott 2013, ore 18:04 
awesome game...finally a game about the great war but..u should consider to change the scope view because its terrible..the rest of the game is awesome .it reminds me of CoD2 alot
Beuys der Poltergeist 3 ott 2013, ore 13:04 
Focus on getting those ugly playermoddels and wierd animations that makes the players look like robots fixed! Absoulte prio nr. 1 should be acceptable playermoddels and animations is my opinion.