V133 - Major performance improvements

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Macana 15 maja 2014 o 12:21 
great team and great game , congratulations
bukkakesteve 2 maja 2014 o 15:39 
VerDO it!

The new map is great, everything looks great, everything runs great, bravo!
Distortion 🤙 2 maja 2014 o 14:13 
Nice work, you guys really made a big procession... The graphics looks so much better since this last patch, the gameplay is smoother, other little things you guys added, that really help growing this game like small details, mini map, information about your gun and how many bullets u have left in magazine,... really nice so far... Keep up the good work, this game has a lot of potential
cloud9 shroud 11 marca 2014 o 3:35 
i live in india. will i be able to play this game if i purchase on european servers.?
KingAdeto 5 marca 2014 o 9:15 
I notice a significant performance improvement! I used to get a steady ~40-60 fps while in the trenches, and ~20 fps when looking at the fields. Now I still get ~40-60 fps in the trenches, but ~30-40 when looking out at the fields. Great jobs guys!
Why_Not? 23 lutego 2014 o 20:02 
Yes! no more lag. Now I can play sniper.
VerdunGame  [autor] 22 lutego 2014 o 7:53 
Characters are being worked on for sure, as noted everywhere.

Game runs excellent on low gfx on Mid-2011 Macbook Air with i7 ULV HD3000 integrated. Not too much eye candy there but with the same specs most current titles don't even boot up (RO2 etc)
yippiekyoo 21 lutego 2014 o 2:05 
Works with the Intel HD 4000?
crow 15 lutego 2014 o 15:23 
Very nice game, keep going guys, I think this game has a lot of potential, I haven't played in awhile but I remember the players being very unrealistic in terms of their actions, please fix this if it hasn't already been fixed, other than that great game!
Peetfighter 8 lutego 2014 o 14:58 
Oh this really looks good.