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Verdun is the first multiplayer FPS set in a realistic World War One setting. The merciless trench warfare offers a unique battlefield experience, immersing you and your squad into intense battles of attack and defense.

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A move to a new version of Unity should bring performance improvements, and if you’d like to take part in a historically focused Battle of the Somme within Verdun, you’ll be able to this weekend!

First, a quick reminder that if you run into any bugs, please submit them here: https://verdun.userecho.com/
It helps us keep everything organized and lets us focus on the most serious bugs which are affecting the most people!

New Update
Unity Update
We recently released new updates for Verdun and Tannenberg - now that they share the same code base it allows us to do these kinds of simultaneous updates much more easily. Both games will benefit from our move to the latest version of Unity - in our tests we’ve seen low-end machines getting around a 10% performance boost, and some high-end machines get up to a 25% improvement.

You will also be able to stop to aim or crouch while sprinting, then return to sprinting without needing to repress the sprint key - we’re hoping this and similar changes in the future can make movement feel more natural and fluid. Let us know your thoughts if you’ve noticed this change!

Bots and more!
Bot aiming behaviour has been tweaked so they should be less ‘jittery’, and they won’t be aiming down the sights unless they can see an enemy. We’ve also fixed a couple of weapon animations and an issue with invisible flamethrower flames that some people were reporting, and we switched to Fullscreen Windowed rather than Fullscreen Exclusive, which fixes a freeze issue, improves alt-tabbing, and solves a Unity screen focus problem.
You can read the full changelog here.

The Battle of the Somme
A group of our players is setting up another pair of 64 player historical battle events, this time for the Battle of the Somme! You can read about the rules for the match here, and join the group if you’re interested! In short, players commit to using particular classes and weapons, and then following the orders of a commander and their NCOs. This allows actions like coordinated bayonet charges and a general sense of being part of a more organized battle.

Here’s a photo of the French team from a previous historical battle, and another one from the German perspective during the battle. A European match is scheduled for Friday 16, and a US match on Saturday 17.

OpNoobs Qualifier
The Overpowered Noobs E4I Verdun World Cup has its penultimate qualifier coming up tomorrow! For an overview of the teams competing, check out this preview piece[opnoobs.com] by caster Soren Patton. The action will be broadcast live on Twitch[www.twitch.tv] - best of luck to all the participants!

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for news and interesting history snippets until our next Frontline News post, or talk with us on Discord[discord.gg]!
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