Space Hulk Ascension Edition Announced!

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Unpainted Huffheinz 9月14日上午8:35 
I am a HUGE fan of Space Hulk (after they fixed the numerous bugs of course). So I am glad to hear that the new version will add a few new layers of gameplay, but keep to being a turn-based strategy game like the original board game. They loyalty discount is nice, although I feel I got my money's worth on the first game after they threw in the free DLC to compensate for releasing the game before it was really ready. No doubt Space Hulk is by far the best game on Steam with a 58 rating. Better than a lot of 90 rated games I've played in fact.
Scion of Cookies 9月8日上午9:15 
I already own the ultimate pack version of space hulk, will this be meshed in for thos who already own the original game or is it a whole new purchase needed?
Riftweasel 9月7日下午4:08 
Wow, why is it you all feel entitled to discounted or free shit. Get a job, support those that give you something to enjoy and learn some life lessons.
[AKn] Tenva 9月6日上午5:48 
I understand the need to produce a new edition of your game.

However, as a loyal purchaser of the original I will be really dissapointed if I dont get a significant discount or a cheaper 'upgrade' option.
Could you please clarify what, if anything, you are doing for owners of the original?
anidiotelis 9月1日下午1:39 
Looks new dlc for the old one space hulk???
grandmastermoth 9月1日上午3:27 
This is excellent news
Seraph 8月15日上午4:11 
Whys you cannot sell it as an addon for SH? Do you wanna scam your loyal costumers? There is no need for a secon SH game. Add RGP-Mode to the game!
Nintendo Nerd Lord 8月13日下午3:55 
ı hope ıt will be more solid
Dude 8月13日下午2:36 
I hope they have fixed the "view" mechanics to be more like standard rts and fps games where you can move the mouse around at will to change view height, direction, and angle.

In the first game, the view is SO STIFF. It really takes a lot away from the game experience imo.
Maciej2801 8月13日上午1:51 
@vadersson nope it will be another game