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Space Hulk Ascension Edition Announced!

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Orl0k 2014年10月15日 7時53分 
I'm glad all the fan boys are feeling ripped off,, pay your way and stop thinking the world and the internet owes you something!
TheycallmeQ 2014年10月13日 5時26分 
This feels very much like like the developers decided - "Hey, you know all those improvements that 40k players have been requesting since day one? Rather than fixing our half-a$$ed game, let's put them in a separate game instead so we can gouge for even more money."

I am aware that they have mentioned some form of loyalty discount, but to do this at all is very insulting. Similar to many posters here, I have played 40k for roughly 25 years - I began with the original Space Hulk, and have played every attempted rendition since.

@Jack Daniels - I feel the same way. If you haven't tried it yet, check out the card-based version Space Hulk: Death Angel. Thus far it is the only rendition that engendered the same feelings of excitement and joy while playing that the original had. You can play with up to six players and it is even quite fun solo.
Boresight 2014年9月29日 13時41分 
I've played every Space Hulk digital game on the market, but none are as enjoyable as the table top version. So far IMO they have missed the mark with every GW game they have tried to adapt to the digital format, and in most cases after a few plays, the digital game just sits on the shelf or is deleted from my computer. I don't know why they can create a digital rendition of a boardgame that is much more enjoyable than the cardboard version. I suppose lack of imagination or money plays a huge part in what the final product will result in.
Unpainted Huffheinz 2014年9月14日 8時35分 
I am a HUGE fan of Space Hulk (after they fixed the numerous bugs of course). So I am glad to hear that the new version will add a few new layers of gameplay, but keep to being a turn-based strategy game like the original board game. They loyalty discount is nice, although I feel I got my money's worth on the first game after they threw in the free DLC to compensate for releasing the game before it was really ready. No doubt Space Hulk is by far the best game on Steam with a 58 rating. Better than a lot of 90 rated games I've played in fact.
Ashtarius 2014年9月8日 9時15分 
I already own the ultimate pack version of space hulk, will this be meshed in for thos who already own the original game or is it a whole new purchase needed?
Riftweasel 2014年9月7日 16時08分 
Wow, why is it you all feel entitled to discounted or free shit. Get a job, support those that give you something to enjoy and learn some life lessons.
[AKn] Tenva 2014年9月6日 5時48分 
I understand the need to produce a new edition of your game.

However, as a loyal purchaser of the original I will be really dissapointed if I dont get a significant discount or a cheaper 'upgrade' option.
Could you please clarify what, if anything, you are doing for owners of the original?
Commissar Antonios 2014年9月1日 13時39分 
Looks new dlc for the old one space hulk???:OhNoBlue:
grandmastermoth 2014年9月1日 3時27分 
This is excellent news
Seraph 2014年8月15日 4時11分 
Whys you cannot sell it as an addon for SH? Do you wanna scam your loyal costumers? There is no need for a secon SH game. Add RGP-Mode to the game!