Space Wolves Unleashed

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Commissar Young, The Tall 29 mrt om 10:43nm 
They need Black Templars
GraemeGunn 23 mrt om 5:38vm 
It's so early in the morning for me after a long night, and I can't stop laughing at Raziel Mortis' comment.. In my head, I'm picturing a giant, brain-damaged Space Marine just sitting there in the corner yelling about the war.
anidiotelis 17 mrt om 1:39nm 
After the last update the game became very easy...I roll 6 every 7 to 10 times....Before the last patch was a bit difficult,but now it is just too easy.
Avalon Cherazer 17 mrt om 3:15vm 
Desvastation shall be upon the Enemies of Mankind.... For the Emperor and the Allfather Charge~!
DREADGARR 15 mrt om 8:51vm 
there are no more Wolves on Fenris..
Raziel Mortis 13 mrt om 6:00nm 
Yes Brothers...Its time for a new Battlefield to Test the old Abillitys...a new War, to fight or die, Burn the Xenos!!!! Ah, a new is in Making...but looks, it is need a very long Time. I think the most know it....The Dark Millienium..... Finishingtime is in the End of 2015...its Hard to wait.... Brothers, for the Emperor!!!!!!!!!
Ershess 13 mrt om 2:39vm 
Bought DLC, but Linux version is not allowing to switch chapter =/
Slayer0fKings 12 mrt om 11:38nm 
The Emperor Protects!! For the Wolftime!!
bearsdenred 12 mrt om 12:11nm 
We really need a Warhammer ARPG game :(
wooaa 12 mrt om 11:23vm 
Nice, although the level editor would be better.