Rogue Legacy Content Patch v1.2.0 has been released

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krkco 11 juin 2014 à 4h12 
English а я i lika rassian
krkco 11 juin 2014 à 4h11 
Я не понял
krkco 11 juin 2014 à 4h11 
Вы пьяны

krkco 11 juin 2014 à 4h11 
Zim 8 mai 2014 à 18h34 
When the windows 8 patch will come out? the game looks cool and i want to play it
Fadedsun 8 avr 2014 à 22h49 
Did the patch hit the Mac version yet? It's been a while...
PewPew 9 mar 2014 à 1h13 
NG+ is new game plus
Dark_Soul 8 mar 2014 à 10h30 
Is is working on windows 8?
[Cwf] Tufor 8 mar 2014 à 6h34 
- Vampire and siphon runes now scale with NG+ level.

whats NG+?
Thrillbo Swaggins 7 mar 2014 à 2h58 
"Odds of farting when having IBS lowered. "