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Now that we've had all of your submissions for a week, it's time to announce the winners. This took a little longer than expected because you guys definitely didn't make this easy on us! The quality of the submissions was absolutely amazing, and it was very hard to decide on the top 3.

There were a couple of bumps in the road along the way, but this was our very first contest. Things will go smoother and easier as we do more of them. This contest was definitely not some one-off thing. We plan to do these fairly often, so if you didn't win this one you can come back and try again next time!

If you didn't make it into the top three, don't fret. Like I said, this was a super hard decision and I wish you could all be winners. I know that sounds cheesy, but we were seriously blown away by everything you guys submitted :-)

3rd Place: Four Seasons Of Eggtraption, by aztimh
From the beautiful scenery, to the poem in the description, this is a super cohesive contraption. This is one of those contraptions that you need to watch a few times to really catch everything that's going on.

2nd Place: Egg Coloring, by Scott
This contraption really pushes the egg to its absolute limit. Bouncing off of toast, getting hit by a swinging bucket, landing on top of a rocket, so many things in this contraption make you say "wow!"

The finale is what really puts it over the top. What looks like a boring grey contraption comes to life with a great scenery animation that pulls everything together.

1st Place: Eggcity, by Thesandwichcake
Eggcity is unlike anything we have ever seen created in this game. Thesandiwchcake came at this in such a crazy creative way. The contraption really is a little city. There is a bar, eggs going to school, eggs gambling with each other, and eggs driving cars.

There are so many fun little details scattered around the scene. Add to this a crazy awesome laser system powering the whole thing, and you've got yourself our first place winner!

There you have it folks, our first build-off contest is in the books. Wait just a few short weeks and we will be having our second contest with a new theme! I'm real excited to see what awesome stuff you guys make next time!
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