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We just put out an update for Contraption Maker. Your game should update automatically as it gets pushed out. Unfortunately, almost everything in this update is pretty "behind the scenes," so you won't actually see much difference.

Engine Upgrade
Our base engine has been upgraded from Cocos2d-x to Cocos2d-x v.30. This was a fairly massive undertaking. It basically changed how everything in the game was rendered and required a whole lot of the game to be updated and fixed. We have done extensive testing to make sure everything is back working as it should, but this was a changed that touched pretty much everything about how the game was rendered. If you run into any issues, please report them in our bug forum and we will address them as soon as possible.

Like I said in the beginning, there isn't much to actually see in this update. The game still looks and runs the same. However, if you have a retina screen, the game now supports it so your game assets should look much more crisp.

This was a much needed upgrade. We are in a much better position to support new platforms (no promised release dates on anything), we can render assets in 3D, and we have much better performance.

Backend Dashboard
This is something else we have been working on that won't be immediately seen in the game. We have been working on a backend dashboard for teachers & classrooms as we have been getting Contraption Maker into more and more schools. We will have a much more detailed blog post about this soon.

Bug Fixes
There are also a bunch of different bug fixes in this update.

  • Assorted puzzle exploit fixes
  • Fixed bug causing text to change to white after contraption runs
  • In-game workshop now shows downloaded puzzles & contraptions
  • Ropes no longer detach occasionally after running a puzzle
  • Fixed some laser issues having to make outlet always work correctly and and inverse laser not pulse on on the 1st frame
  • Fixed a bug that would cause contraptions to freeze if camera was panned while running
  • Removed unused sensor on candle that was causing anti-grav pad to affect it when it was below the pad
  • Fixed function to detect when text is being edited
  • Allow steam workshop downloaded levels to be deleted
  • Fix scenery loading - mismatch in case on PNG
  • Fixed bug so that projected part correctly shows rotation and scale of the original part
  • In Steam levels were not downloaded
  • Added a routine to compute a body's mass from area and density
  • Fixed crash bug when rescaling a part which has a rope attached that goes through a pulley
  • Use publish id as puzzle key for non-official levels
  • Do not process events for disabled widgets
  • Do not hide icon container when the goal has a location
  • Make text selection rect translucent
  • Steam workshop fixes
  • More work on display Steam workshop downloaded levels
  • Clear all publish ids when level is renamed
  • Crash reporting works on windows again
  • Check for null camera layer
  • Fixed the green arrows showing when/where ropes will attach
  • Ignore touch end events in part selector if physics is active
  • Camera now correctly animates when recording movies
  • Fixed quotes in the script editor. Removed unnecessary extra touch listener for TurboBadger
  • Fixed bug where projected paths wouldn't adjust when a part was flipped
  • Fixed a save crash
  • Tightening up accessing deleted parts
  • Fix clipping on movies
  • Fix publishing videos to youtube
  • Fix flicker when recording
  • Fixed bug where projected lines were being drawn when the shouldn't have been. Only happened when overlaps occurred during dragging of group of parts
  • Added check for bad stash data

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