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People have been asking for a while, and it's finally happened. Contraption Maker is now on Linux! We are excited to be available for a whole new batch of players that didn't have access to our game before. Can't wait to see what sort of awesome contraptions and puzzles you all contribute to the Workshop! You can check out the recommended system requirements on our store page.

Note: it may take some hours for the Linux build to propagate to all of the Steam servers. If it's not available for you yet, please wait a while and try again later.

We are making our Linux debut in the Humble Indie Bundle 14![] If you pay more than the average price (around $6), you get Contraption Maker and 8 other terrific Indie games. So for a little less than the price of Contraption Maker currently, you get a whole bunch of other games, as well as the DRM-Free off Steam version.

Now we don't have a huge team here available to do a bunch of testing on this Linux build. We are confident that it is a stable build, but there may be a couple things that have slipped by us. Please report any issues you find in the bug reporting forum, and we will address them as soon as we can.

Are you a new player here from Linux or the Humble Bundle? Be sure to check out our Build-Off contest that is going on. If you make the best contraption, you can win Steam games of your choice!
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