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After just a couple months of being 1.0, we are super excited to bring you the first major update to Contraption Maker. This update adds new parts, features, puzzles, and even JavaScript mod support. This is completely free, so go update your game and start playing today!

To celebrate this update, we are also running a huge sale on Contraption Maker this week. Contraption Maker is 90% off making it only $1.50 for the 2-key pack! If you have been holding off on getting the game, now is the time to come check it out. Come make some puzzles or contraptions, and join everyone else in our Steam Workshop!

New Parts
  • Tinker: Tinker is the newest addition to Contraption Maker's cast of characters. He loves eating and chasing cats. Attach a leash (rope) to him to control your contraptions in a new way.
  • Dozer: All Dozer wants to do is sleep. Like Steve the Crocodile, Dozer doesn't move. If something falls on his back, they will bounce off of him like a trampoline. Just stay away from his mouth, he will eat anything!
  • Dog House: Tinker's house. Use this as a puzzle goal.
  • Dog Bone: The dog bone will attract Tinker. Tie a rope to it to pull it around. It can be set to 3 different sizes that determine how long Tinker takes to eat it.
  • Dog Toy: Tinker loves to chase these toys.

This update introdues a whole new class of parts called "Tim Parts" that we are really excited about. These parts don't do anything untl they are activated and used by Tim. Tim Parts are going to add a new level of control in contraptions, and there will be more added in future updates.

  • Dog Toy: This dog toy behaves just like the other, but it wont move until Tim picks it up. When he does, he will throw the ball a short distance. If it hits another Tim after being thrown, the new Tim will throw it again.
  • Dog Treat: Once Tim picks up the dog treat, he wont use it until he gets in range of Tinker. Once he sees Tinker, Tim will place the treat on the ground to bring Tinker to him.
  • Dog Whistle: When Tim picks this part up, he uses it immediately. The whistle will attract any dogs in a circle around Tim.

As an extra little added bonus, the egg now has 10 different looks to choose from.

Mod Support
We now have the first version of mod support in the game. Mods are made using JavaScript and can be directly coded and edited in the game. Mods are integrated into the Workshop, so they can be easily shared and played. There are 3 example mods already in the Worklshop, so check them out! Here is a short example video of how the system works:

Check out our WIKI DOCS[] if you want to get started out!

New Puzzles
10 new official puzzles have been added. These puzzles focus mainly on Tinker and the new parts that have been added along with him.

New Scenery & Music
A new "neighborhood" scenery set and 6 new songs have been added to give more variety to your contraptions and puzzles.

Camera Animation & YouTube Uploading
You can now animate the camera for when you record your contraptions. Open your contraption options and activate the CAT (Camera Animation Tool) to activate the tool. The camera can then be animated just like scenery parts. Official documentation for this will be coming soon.

Once you make your awesome contraption movie, it can now be uploaded directly to youtube. After the movie is done recording, just select the "Upload to YouTube" button to go through the quick initial process. Once your account is linked, the process becomes instant!

Assorted Fixes
  • More thoroughly integrated script collision callback handlers into chipmunk and CMLevel code. Also made how they are tracked and store for the callbacks to the script much more efficient. Added 8 Waldos to the PlatformTim level, gave them all onSensor handlers in script, and then copied and pasted a bunch of walls in front of their sensors and script was only taking roughly 2% of total time profilier.
  • Added a #ifndef check to chipmunk_private.h to keep from being included twice (and causing a boatload of compile errors)
  • Set up some flags so shapes can be marked as sensors in chipmunk but be treated as "onCollision" calls in script
  • Converted a few sensor flagged collision into real flagged collision but didn't change actual behavior.
    Do not call handleCollision if there is no collision callback function
  • Added applyForce to script part proxy to allow force (impluse) to be applied at the passed in angle
  • Added new routines to allow getting and setting of part's rot, setting of part's rot velocity, setting part disabled gravity, setting disabling of creature intelligence, and setting of creature's state
  • Deduping collisions
  • Remove onSensorCollision call
  • Do not redirect stdout/stderr in testcompat mode
  • Changed force value passed into jsAddForce so it is 1000x less powerful to allow smaller forces to be applied. Current forces used should just be scaled up by 1000 and the mods will then run the same.
  • Created a faster rope segment integration method to be used by electrical cords
  • Made number of integrate steps used by dynamic rope segments a var instead of a fixed value
  • Made the high priority repulse distance a var that can be set by different creatures instead of a fixed value
  • Clamped Creature rotations to min/max values - only used by Tinker for now
  • Clean up Fishbowl and Hamster Cage - same behavior but more efficient code
  • Script window comes up too large on small screens
  • Egg contraption states
  • Modified animations to to handle looping animations that have a intro that don't loop
  • Clear console on play, also scroll to bottom when new text
  • Can now scroll console too
  • Handle scroll wheel in the script editor
  • Fixed: Milton's goal state crashes game
  • Republished mod to Steam - it was blank
  • Fixed: :Big grey pipe” part message
  • Misspelling on plug in bulb message
  • Fixed touch activated sound block help
  • Missile now plays blast off sound
  • Fixed: Highlight for spring board is not drawing correctly
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