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Summer is here, and along with great weather comes great savings! Have you been eyeing ProChannel Modules or Synth Expansion Packs? Maybe even a shiny new synth or the world's fastest-evolving music production software? Enjoy special prices starting at 35% off for Cakewalk products during the Steam Summer Sale event.
Enjoy savings of 40% or more on SONAR Steam Edition, a digital audio workstation tailored to the Steam community with new features aimed at aspiring video game soundtrack designers. Expect even bigger savings when upgrading from SONAR X3 on Steam!
With savings starting at 35% off, you can own the ultimate Waveshaping Synth. Heard on dozens of hit records over the years, Z3TA+ 2 boasts a powerful toolset and vast effects pallette designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. Save on Z3TA+ 2
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