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In a world surrounded by the flowing oceans of Chaos, four ancient races fight in the name of cruel gods. Amid the grim remains of dead civilizations, their last and only reason for being is the thrill of combat and the lust for war. The only important traits are the ability to swing a sword, bash enemies with war hammers and decimating foes with devastating magical spells.

Show your valor in exciting battles, join a clan or collect enchanted artifacts, move from victory to victory, building up your might and improving your combat skills. Rise from the ranks and inscribe your name through the chronicles of fire and bloodstained steel!

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There's no limit to perfection! Especially when gold flows in like a river! Right now in PANZAR, upgrade your character equipment at a 50% discount - in-game gold coins and Lucky Horseshoes are already available at half price. Do not miss the rare opportunity to reveal the real potential of your heroes!
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