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Hey everybody, in this update I've made some additions, fixed a lot of glitches, and made some tiny tweaks.

  • Character select timer will count down faster if shoot, jump, and sword buttons are all held down
  • New showdown rule for lives mode: Players will go to a showdown if they have more or the same amount of kills as the last person standing
  • In the Mountain Showdown you no longer die if you hit the edge of the screen, but the mountain has slippery sides and spikes line the bottom of the level
  • If you've botched up your controls, you can hold F12 on the title screen to reset them
  • Teams
  • Showdowns involving wrong players
  • Game no longer restarts after 2 matches
  • Start + Select restart bug
  • Re-spawning after lives lost bug
  • Stereo sound bug during character select fixed
  • Can no longer make menu choices before menu is visible
  • Windowed version of the game is no longer super tiny
  • Game now uses pixel perfect integer scaling (Thanks Allan O.!)
  • Better player spacing with more than 2 players in Fortress showdown
  • Easier to jump up left side in Fortress level “Axes”
  • Easier to see leftmost spawn in Fortress level “Hall”
  • Stray tile covered in Cemetery level “Depths”
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