Patch Notes for 1.23 (July 2014)

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transparent cat Aug 17 @ 1:07am 
oh god why would you nerf rangers soloing bosses was hard enough before
Tyrasa Aug 6 @ 11:19pm 
NUUUUUUUUUUU, Y U Do Dis Q~Q, Y U Nerf Ranger?! Uncalled for Evil Nexon Incarnate Dx T^T
D3RP1X Aug 4 @ 2:48pm 
im still in 1.22 for some reason
Bh'aalock Aug 3 @ 2:22pm 
ranger solo will be almost imposible now,especialy the first boss
Gavener Jul 31 @ 1:13pm 
Nice update, thank you
yoshiman10 Jul 18 @ 10:26am 
It won't update for me. Why is that? It doesn't say there's an update for me and I can't play multiplayer.
CrimsonBelvedereDS Jul 17 @ 12:53pm 
Man, priest is pretty easy-modo.
Locke Jul 12 @ 12:10am 
Nice! I haven't played much yet, but this update has convinced me to get back into it.
bruiser_baby Jul 10 @ 12:36pm 
Am I the only one who can't get co-op with friends to work on osx? Me and my buddies were really enjoying this and now it's broken for us :(
Alastor Jul 7 @ 11:52am 
but the thief still losing his money :'(