All Mousechief games, this week, discounted 50%.

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[E.K.] puzzle 4 ноември 2014 в 12:12 следобед 
Geofferic: You're sorry you bought an interesting and engaging game? How were you baited? It sounds like you're either trolling or you're like the rest of us, eagerly waiting for the sequel. I'm glad to hear of Mousechief's switch to new tools and look forward to all future releases!
Maharene 7 октомври 2014 в 4:03 следобед 
From those of us who have patience, thank you for the update.
Mr. Fishy 28 септември 2014 в 9:54 следобед 
What bait and switch?? Sometimes projects get delayed. I would much rather the devs for a game take their time and do things right than just pump out sequel after sequel. It's how Valve continues to make awesome things while most other companies just make random crap. To me, that is what's really unethical - depending on the name of a franchise you already built to sell a subpar, mediocre game for as much money as you can get.
Geofferic 31 август 2014 в 8:49 сутринта 
Sorry I bought 7GS. Bait and switch is unethical. 28 август 2014 в 3:57 следобед 
Take your time to refresh your creativ-energy. I can wait (if i have to) and I will for the sequel. 7GS is a little wonder of a game and it took me so deep into its story, like a real good book in the dark of a winternight. And also like a good book and a good wine, it needs time to get a better quality. So i have to wait and see. By the way, thank's a lot for the first part.