The next patch

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danpaladin 2013年10月10日上午11:55 
Uplay = no purchase. Makes me sad, but I don't want to stack services.
Denigrate 2013年9月24日下午6:19 
Also waiting for uplay to be patched out before I buy. We don't need additional DRM when we already have Steam, and I'll be damned if I pay for it. Game looks great though.
Undare 2013年9月24日下午2:00 
It needs Uplay?..... damm...
pnk 2013年9月19日上午11:56 
This game is a pile of S... i know its early acess, and all that but comon really i feal ripped off, defiantly my last buy from ubisoft ever.
Zeus 2013年9月11日上午5:59 
payer 30$ dans la poubelle le jeux est plein de problème et souvent ont peut pas sauvegarder.
manueloteromoreira 2013年9月10日上午6:19 
i hate the uplay system. i play for the game in steam not in the fuc·$"%%·$ uplay
uplay sucks.
Hatefull Burden 2013年9月7日下午1:51 
Mandate of heaven and for blood and honor should have bin remaked, with bigger towns and a real open world, where you could fight for example against 15 guards, 7 ROYAL griffins and one a hole angry town at once if you think you are that EVIL. and pls make the potraits interactive when they are poisoned or when they get some new gear put on, 3do did alot of effort in the little things like humor with archibald and funny sounds like yelling at fat dwarfs standing in the way. Make a game intresting not only in battles...
Katiedid 2013年9月6日下午1:03 
World is beautiful, navigation is painfully, painfully awkward and slow. I'm waiting for the next patch before I play again.
mihotes 2013年9月5日上午11:36 
Tiene muchos fallos el juego.. aparte es horrible xDD
Clara Zufall 2013年9月4日上午8:56 
Patch ( not for steam) ? :( i think the most users has steam )