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We're super excited to announce that November will bring you all a new and exciting update to Legend of Dungeon, a whole new game mode! This is all thanks to our work on Upsilon Circuit; we've added crowd interaction!

^^^^ Dev blog post with more details & screenshots!

It's a sister game to LoD that lets people toy with Legend of Dungeon livestreams. You get points and level up as you get monster drops from the stream, and then send in Items, Monsters and other stuff to help (or hinder, trolololol) LoD players on their way to the Treasure!

It's also a new kind of online multiplayer experience that you can play with a few close friends; and only one of you needs to own Legend of Dungeon!

LoDM will be free too, for maximum amusement.

Follow us on Twitter to get news and access to early tests! @RobotLovesKitty

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