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Hello everyone,

A new update for System Shock 2 is available.

The v2.44 patch, which was provided by "Le Corbeau", contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed render state bug that could randomly disable texture filtering on something if DXT1 distant art was present in the mission
  • Fixed an occasional memory corrupting bug
  • Fixed mouse wheel even generating false left button double click events in some situations
  • Changed material override rules so a material file is required to be at the same path level or higher priority than the loaded image, in order to be considered
  • Enabled simple show_stats command for game exe (fps and pos)
  • Documented the previously undocumented "small_portal_repel" config var (helps reduce jittter when walking across portals)
  • Added "highlight_level" and "head_focus_speed_tol" config vars (which previously were only available in DromEd)
  • Added support for mouse buttons 4 and 5
  • Added support for raw mouse input (see "use_raw_mouse_input" in "new_config_vars.txt")
  • Added config var for setting custom speaker config (if supported by device/system)
  • Added support for adding/removing meta properties via DML
  • Added subtitles_max_dist options (to allow skipping of subtitles for sounds that are beyond a certain distance)
  • Included a Large Address Aware patcher (EnableLAA) for convenience (for more info search "troubleshooting.txt"
    for "Large Address Aware")
  • Updated various documentation

Other things include:

  • Windows - OpenAL is now downloaded and installed upon first running the game. This will allow users to chose the 'OpenAL' Hardware Acceleration setting from the Audio menu.

For Mac and Linux, the affects of this patch may vary. Wine ( ) is used for emulation and therefore, some notes above may not apply.

Don't like the update? You can roll back to any previous version of the game by going into the game's properties on Steam and, in the Betas tab, choosing your desired version from the Dropdown list.

We hope you enjoy the update. Many thanks to Le Corbeau.
-The Night Dive team.
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