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Hello Everyone,

A New update for System Shock 2 (v2.45) is available now. This update was not created by Night Dive Studios. It was provided by "Le Corbeau" and addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed broken "sun_runtime_obj_shadows" (worked in DromEd but not the game exe)
  • Fixed path priority order bug with subtitle files (was accidentally reversed)
  • Reduced risk of the door drifting bug that can happen in some occasional FMs (door-based objects that should rotate but instead of rotating just float away into infinity)
  • Added "no_unload_fmsel" option to cam_mod.ini (can be useful if experiencing crash with FMSel, especially on Windows 10)
  • Fixed DXT related crash (when running editor in HW mode)
  • Fixed crash accidentally re-introduced in the previous version when loading (old) missions with bad door objects (objects internally flagged as doors despite not being doors)
  • Fixed ambient sounds disappearing after playing in-game movie
  • Fixed link data for certain link types (AIWatchObj) getting reset when reordering them (in link list dialog)
  • Fixed original glitch in vhot evaluation that could under some circumstances affect "show_vhots", coronas and particle attachment links using vhots
  • Fixed DML syntax error bug when working with links that have no data set
  • Fixed missing field indexing in DML export (for properties that contain multiple fields with the same name)
  • Fixed a bug that could occur under certain circumstances with StimSource and Receptron commands in DMLs
  • Fixed a few crashes that could happen in rare situations
  • Fixed buggy transform for vhot and subobj detail attachment links when parent object is scaled
  • Added mono warning for ObjTxtReplace properties with textures that couldn't be found/loaded
  • Added "spew_stimulations" command to toggle mono output for stim events
If you don't like the update, you can roll back to any of the previous updates by right-clicking on "System Shock 2" in your Steam games list and going to Properties. In the "Betas" tab, you can select any older version of System Shock 2 from the dropdown list.

If you haven't seen already head on over to where you can watch our Pre-Alpha trailer for System Shock Remastered and sign up for our newsletter!

Enjoy the update!

Night Dive Studios.
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