Well, we're on Steam!

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Greyhounddoggie 2014년 4월 14일 오후 12시 56분 
Bought it for 22.99 euro over herethe game is hanging ...sorry i wanna play or give me the money back ok!!
Greyhounddoggie 2014년 4월 14일 오후 12시 55분 
its very bad cant play this game ist not starting wtf is not possible ok??
I wait of a answere, thanks
Mrsuny 2014년 4월 1일 오후 8시 57분 
says co op. yet i cannot join like any mulitplayer servers, and my friend has the same problem, so we can play together.
MTT77 2014년 3월 25일 오후 1시 36분 
Bought it for 22.99 euro over here. Set the confurations, made my avatar, watched cool movie, it loads up to 36%... "PE_client.exe not responding". re-installed it. "PE_client.exe not responding"... on every mode, multiplayer or not, when loading it crashes.
How can i get this game to work? any advice? i wanna play!!
GeekWere 2014년 3월 16일 오후 8시 26분 
I've had this for a few months actually from their website and got a steam key in my email the other day, No issues. <3 Didn't relize it hit steam till I got an email saying so. Works out either way.
wattz666 2014년 3월 16일 오전 6시 37분 
This game looks incredible. My cup of tea. I'll be happy to buy it when the full release comes out.
ticklemyelmohahaha 2014년 3월 15일 오후 10시 35분 
they take your money and dont send steam keys to people who bought it prior to steam release , then they refer you to a finnish steam post about steam keys and never reply
wayne.catton 2014년 3월 15일 오후 6시 40분 
I am actually very happy with my purchase and Is very playable in its current state. I have paid more for far worse in the past Keep up the great work and keep these updates coming. On another note the game supports 1280 x 720 so NVIDEA 3D users are good to go without any need for helix fixes.

I do however think that the gamepad support needs a rethink. The combat could learn a abit from skyrim and fallout but over all this game is far superior to anything elsse in its class

8/10 in its current state but could get a 10 if it delivers on its promises
HAL 5000 2014년 3월 15일 오후 5시 16분 
Well another developer charging for beta testers, charging for a game that is as you stated “full of bugs and incomplete content" it is becoming a norm that gamers ought not support. Early access is a way that developers take money from gamers and delay the final release of a game that may take forever to release. You already said it was in developement for 2 years, I do not understand how you guys get away with it. I do know that some reviewers are complaining loudly about this practice.
Stahlknecht 2014년 3월 15일 오전 4시 59분 
game looks nice and i like the idea!