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Version 5.4 has been in beta for almost one week, and is now moving to the main branch. There are some additional fixes and updates in the latest version. Please see the patch notes below for more information.

This major and long-delayed update includes full German localisation for the final two episodes, along with Unity engine upgrades and support for DirectX 11.

Please note that this is not The Final Cut patch, which we plan to release alongside the PlayStation and Xbox versions this spring. Existing customers will receive a free upgrade to The Final Cut edition, and we plan to sunset previous editions of Dreamfall Chapters.

Patch notes

Version 5.4.1 includes:
  • German voices for Book 4 and 5, and other localisation fixes
  • DirectX 11 support. If your video card is compatible, there should be noticeable performance improvements
  • New startup video and opening credits
  • Unity engine upgrade. This improves performance and fixes a number of bugs and glitches
  • Various audio fixes
  • Fix for pausing game when alt-tabbing out while in fullscreen mode
  • Fix for rare inventory bug
  • Fixed stuck head look-at
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