2x EXP, 2x Drop Rate, & Luriel’s Ice Burners - Free Knight’s Freebies

12 Rate up
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FoxgirlAreCute Mar 30 @ 12:38pm 
i crash right before 6 hit. i was so mad :I
AnimeDeaf Mar 29 @ 9:44pm 
:D got iceburner (opened sigh weapon Lv 52). SgtGrim say only 60 mins (do not change server or logout).
Deadweight Mar 29 @ 9:39pm 
Yup, been on all day. Haven't seen any Ice Burners, though I was on for an hour straight, I'm sure of it.
SgtGrim Mar 29 @ 7:35pm 
Been on since 4:55 PM PDT, played since 7:32 PM PDT. No Iceburner Sighted.
XxChaosLinkxX Mar 29 @ 6:50pm 
soooo when we get the ice burner? ive been on since 12 eastern, and am still on at 10 eastern.
Kazuma Mar 29 @ 8:52am 
Elsword+This+Persona Music and Space Dandy Music=Operation No Life
Divy Mar 28 @ 7:44pm 
Looks like i'm not going out tomorrow.