New Marriage System ~ Fall in Love with Elsword!

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Sauvagess Mar 6 @ 2:54pm 
@tortex668 Yeah, says different. Good job linking to something that disproves what you're saying.
Zabbidou Feb 25 @ 12:00am 
GOD another item that you need to buy x_x I've seen remarkable mmorpgs without anything that needs to be paid, and I love it.
And why not same genders? I support gay marriage, but that's not what I want to say. Me and my friend (it's a girl) try out so many mmorpgs, and each time we're like: "Does it have a marriage system?? I hope so!" so yeah... I'm waiting for the ring to be made a mob drop or something better in the future...
ChronicLag Feb 21 @ 7:19pm 
Always with the marriage bonuses
I wonder how many ppl form couples 'just' for the bonuses lol. Reminds me of GC
Chung+Aisha is like Hero+Twiska
MrRuned Feb 20 @ 2:23pm 
everyone whould just give up on the whole homophobic stuff. sure, it is, but the game creators are trying to play it safe, becasue of the fact same sex marrige is.... well.... you know... a bit frowned upon by people. I WOULD like same sex marrige to simplify things, and because its moral, but, they cant really do that.
gigiRAR Feb 19 @ 10:03pm 
well this update sure destroyed pvp >_>
Lolღ Feb 19 @ 1:52pm 
Conor Feb 18 @ 1:52pm 
What about gays?
Potato Feb 18 @ 1:45am 
rofl, all you people complaining about same gender bs, it's just a game, get over it
I'm A Wizard, Neko Feb 17 @ 6:56am 
This update is so cool know they just need same gender marriages!
ASpookyPandaBear Feb 15 @ 5:43pm 
Please make same-gender marriages!