TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre is now on XBLA!

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drunkdora Aug 18 @ 6:42pm 
Fuck yes, now I can enjoy my favorite game both on PC in my room and on my couch :).
Hiro Himura May 14 @ 11:31am 
I'm glad I bought it on a super sale here on Steam cause jesus this game looked like it could of been such a bad ass game but it's really really bad
Spaghetti Bandit May 12 @ 9:52pm 
i dont see why everyone bitches about this game ive been having a blast playing it online on xbox, most people here probably have no friends to play with
Blazing Scrubs May 4 @ 7:14am 
Bought it at 0.99p thinking 'ah, why not, its only 0.99p, right?' Wrong. Seeing how truly fucking awful games can be was dishearting.
DankOnTheBank Mar 21 @ 5:52pm 
LOL I feel sorry for people who bought this game and thought it might be good
taytothief Mar 8 @ 3:32pm 
Wow. What a shower of scumbags.
MS-06S Feb 27 @ 4:32pm 
Good to know you're going to fleece more people out of money for an incredibly buggy game.
Someone gifted me this and I STILL feel ripped off
tron34 Feb 25 @ 3:51pm 
Tried it recently. Plays worse and looks worse. So glad I didn't pay 15 dollars for this.
Macina Feb 25 @ 6:53am 
at this time there are three active servers with zeo players, very nice
Shadowthingey Feb 23 @ 1:31pm 
XBLA version is fine. Running at 30fps, with smooth controls. but now that i have experienced the PC version it feels weird on X360. i hope it gets popular because people have rated it well. so we have been great testers.