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Behind a complex definition hides a very useful combat ability to change the angle of the tank’s hull in all directions or the ability to ‘hunker down’ the vehicle, seriously reducing its height. Of course, only on vehicles that use this type of suspension.

Hydropneumatic suspension in battle.

Japanese tankers will be the first to try this new mechanic in battle on the Type-74 and ST-B1 top-tier tanks. Full freedom of action! By default, you will be able to control the suspension with a numeric keyboard, and the tactical opportunities will amaze both the driver and his enemies. Add hull angling to the usual weapon angling toward the opponent and attack them while remaining practically untouchable to return fire. Settle the tank down and use even low cover to safely hide your vehicle, then suddenly, without showing your hull, jump out and take your shot.

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Get to grips with this new technique in full and figure out new tactics in battle.

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