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The M4A4 (SA50), also known as the M-50 Super Sherman, is a modified Israeli version of the well-known and widely used American Sherman tank. This unique Sherman modification comes to War Thunder as part of the French ground forces research tree coming with War Thunder update 1.75!

In War Thunder, the M4A4 Sherman, equipped with the 75mm SA-50 cannon, will offer a different experience from the well-known Sherman formula that many players are familiar with. Israeli engineers made only minor changes to the initial design of the Sherman, and the hull, suspension, tracks, engine and transmission remained the same.The most significant change was made to the primary armament and turret, which the Israeli engineers modified by adding a new gun mantlet and counter weight on the back of the turret to house radio equipment and balance the long-barreled 75mm cannon.

The M4A4 SA50 rolls into War Thunder as a mid-rank, medium tank in the new French ground forces research tree in the upcoming War Thunder 1.75 update. Stay tuned and watch for more news about the latest developments coming in War Thunder’s next major update!
For more information, read the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums![]
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