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Environment plays an important role in creating an atmosphere of a battle. From the location on which the battle depends, the dynamics and tactical diversity, so this is the gameplay.

Our artists and game-designers in War Thunder regularly please pilots and tankers with new locations and missions which are created with an emphasis on a fun environment that you can use in a battle or even re-creating the locations of historical battles with photographic accuracy.

Tankers and pilots! After the amount of time that you have no doubt spent in numerous battles, you would definitely have some preferences when it comes to vehicles, tactics, missions and locations. Therefore, we would like you to share which maps you prefer, so that we can make the battles in the air and on the ground of War Thunder even better.

Take part in the poll and share your thoughts about the locations of War Thunder.

We have divided the poll based around the availability of the locations: Arcade, Realistic and Simulator air battles and locations for ground vehicles. Please vote only based on the locations and not the missions, because it is possible that one locations may be divided into several missions.

To participate in poll please click here!
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