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Dear players!
We are pleased to announce, a brand new design for the War Thunder webstore (including other games from our company), which is now called the Gaijin.Net Store
With the launch of the Gaijin.Net Store we have prepared new types of items[store.gaijin.net] that can provide Premium accounts only or offer other combinations of Premium accounts and Golden Eagles.

In addition, we present the long-requested option to purchase some of the packs as gifts, more info here.[online.gaijinent.com]

After purchasing this item you will receive an activation key located in Purchase History in your profile[online.gaijin.ru], and then you can gift this code to a friend. For activation, please go here[online.gaijin.ru].

From 15:00 GMT on July the 31st until 9:00 GMT on August the 3rd:
30% discount for gift versions and 25% discount for regular version of the following packs: To celebrate this, we are launching a special sale:[/list]
We will be happy to hear your suggestions for improving the user experience or adding more payment options in the forum discussion.

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact our support team.[support.gaijin.net]
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