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Nishizumi Miho♥ Jan 18 @ 11:05am 
Gaijin done fucked up, destroyed the one little part of the game I still had hope for and fun with, base bombing, and all because of the fucking Yer-2s.....
enderuku Jan 15 @ 1:49am 
Rab6iT Jan 14 @ 10:02pm 
:( kinda sad about the 25% decrease in historic.

but of course you guys know what your doing, i just hope more incentive is given to people to encourage then to play RB. they have already gone and made it unrealistic by mixing nations. something of course i can understand because of low amounts of players.

just i really wish that RB was more R and had more people :(
Kengrantious Maximus Jan 14 @ 2:32pm 
Thanks Gaijin!
FunnyFarm Jan 14 @ 1:38pm