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The Waffenträger concept was conceived to combine German artillery tractors and SPGs into one vehicle type that would salvage precious resources, like field guns, from the battlefield in the later stages of the war. Though the concept did undergo testing, it never received its real baptism by fire, thus War Thunder tankers can look forward to having the honour of testing out the Waffenträger in real combat themselves in the upcoming 1.71 update!

Work on the Waffenträger project started in early 1944, being part of the E-series of standardized, next-generation German tanks. Waffenträgers (eng; weapons carrier) were intended to merge two types of vehicles used by the German army into one - artillery tractors and self-propelled guns. This new vehicle type would be a mobile, lightly-armoured tank destroyer that could both use its cannon itself or, depending on the circumstances, unequip it and hand it over to other units to be used as field artillery. This concept was seen as highly practical by the Germans, given how it not only gave the German army one vehicle for the price of two, but was also saving on vital resources of which Germany suffered a great shortage of in the late stages of the war. Nearly all renown German companies that produced military equipment or vehicles took up the task, resulting in 4 different Waffenträger designs.

The Waffenträger will soon reinforce the higher ranks of the German ground forces tree in an effort to turn the tide of battle, in War Thunder’s upcoming 1.71 update. Until then, commanders!

For more information, read the full Dev Blog on the Official War Thunder Forums![]
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