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We know that some players are looking forward to the ability to be able to operate the canopy opening mechanism for aircraft cockpits in War Thunder. For these players, this is not just an interesting graphical feature, but also a real way to get the maximum view in situations where the ability to look out of the cockpit, remove parts of the canopy that are blocking the view or open the cockpit hatches can be a decisive final tool in the balance between success and failure in the game.

Canopies that open won’t only increase the view radius for players who like flying with cockpit view - it will also create changes in the flight characteristics of the aircraft. Moreover, at high speed it may be completely impossible to open the canopy because of the wind force. These settings require time and careful implementation, we have worked on this continuously. Finally, we are able to present the first "birds" that will be able to open and close the canopy from inside the game.

View this new feature in action by clicking here![]

A Full list of the aircraft with this feature enabled will be available in the update notes. We will also eventually introduce it for the rest of the aircraft.
Looking forward to your feedback on the forum and good luck in the War Thunder skies!

Discuss it here![]
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