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The FCM 36 is a light infantry tank developed for the French army by the FCM company in the mid 1930s. Due to its complex armour layout the vehicle was surprisingly difficult to destroy, but equally difficult to mass-produce, resulting in a very limited production run. Regardless, the FCM 36 still managed to take part in hostilities throughout the war, fighting for both sides of the conflict.

In 1934, the FCM company received an order from the French army to design a modern tank for their light tank regiments. FCM was an experienced tank manufacturer, having proved themselves with work on previous projects (such as the Char 2C and Char B1), and quickly developed a new light tank design. Just over a year after the initial wooden mockup was presented and approved by the Army, the first prototype was tested in April 1935. During the one year testing period, multiple changes were made to make the vehicle more reliable, lighter, and better protected.

The FCM 36 offers players an interesting combination of protection, firepower, and mobility, the three of which are rarely found in a light tank. But to perform well, commanders must think outside the box, improvise, and creatively solve problems in the ever changing battlefields of War Thunder.

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