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It is Sunday! - Meaning MetagamingTV is hosting its Golden Eagle Sunday Event!

Are you also grinding for the LA-174? Have you got it already? Scream112 is spending his Sunday grinding towards the plane that is only available until Monday 6 AM GMT.

During this time we will host random giveaways to the viewers who are following the channel and other fun ways of winning Golden Eagles as he grinds his way to the LA-174! Polls, quizzes, betting and anything crazy and fun we can think of!

We will also continue with our popular "Tweet your paintjob competition" on twitter!

Here is how you enter the Twitter Paint Job competition:

Tweet your best War Thunder paintjob to @WarThunderEN & @MetagamingTV with the following hashtag: #WTPaintJob And we will pick our favorites on the stream which will win 500 Golden Eagles! (Has to be using in game decals, not photoshop or usermade skins)

We hope to see you there!

On the MetagamingTV channel over at twitch.

For timezones click this link, and watch the table below!

London, Sunday, 4 PM BST
Berlin, Sunday, 5 PM CET
New York, Sunday, 11 AM EDT
Los Angeles, Sunday, 8 AM PDT
Sydney, Monday, 1 AM AEST
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