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We present the most widely produced Soviet boat of the Second World War – the G-5 motor torpedo boat.

Development of the G-5 torpedo boat began way back in 1928, under the direction of the famous aircraft designer Tupolev. This small and nimble vessel was created to combat large enemy ships. Her main role was to approach the enemy ship, fire off two torpedoes and quickly retreat before the enemy’s deck artillery turns you into a pile of duralumin and wood splinters.

The G-5 was equipped with two AM-34 aircraft engines designated GAM-34 and specially adapted for use on naval vessels. In general, these engines were in extremely high demand in the pre-war Soviet period – War Thunder players will already be familiar with them from the TB-3 and MBR-2 airplanes. Practically identical engines were placed in the SMK tanks and the experimental SU-100Y SPG. A powertrain of two of these engines allowed the boat to reach 51 knots (over 94 km/h). The boat was a little over 19 meters long and had a crew of just 6. It had no artillery armament save for a DShK machine gun. The little G-5’s main firepower was in two 53-38 caliber 533 mm torpedoes in dropping torpedo racks. These torpedoes were not launched forward, but were released from the rear of the G-5 in the direction of the boat’s travel instead. To get out of the way of her own torpedoes, the boat had to immediately change course after releasing them.

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