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Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer
“The first representative of half-track anti-air guns and excellently suited for battles in the “sandbox” – our low-level battles. The M13 is the first ground unit in the game without cannon armament. Instead of a cannon, it has dual large-caliber Brownings, and they pack a punch!”

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Eduard Borisov, lead artist
“I love looking at this model in the 3D editor – it has a radio, there are ammo boxes attached to the cabin – boxes and not belts, for quick reloading. Here there’s a box with replacement barrels for the machine guns. The dual guns themselves are electrically driven, there’s a battery installed in the body.”
“There’s an interesting part at the front of the vehicle, a metal cylinder. This isn’t a winch; it’s a special roller for overcoming steep rises. That’s why the vehicle needs a fifth wheel!”

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