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Pilots and Tankers!
Our recent Update has been dubbed ‘Firestorm’ for a reason, it introduced rocket tanks to all available Ground Forces nations! Now, you are able to unleash hell upon your enemies in vehicles like the German Panzerwerfer 42 with its powerful 15 cm arsenal or the American M26-T99 Pershing with 44 deadly rockets.

Combat with and against a rocket tank is a truly spectacular encounter. Buzzing missiles, massive explosions, crumbling buildings! It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that rockets are awesome at destroying things - and with this special, you’ll get the chance to destroy plenty!

From 07:00 GMT on November 28th to 07:00 GMT on December 13th
Take part in the ‘Rocket Science’ special to win plenty of ingame prizes including
the ability to get a 3 days rent token for the brand-new M26-T99 Pershing!
You can follow your progress in your profile -> Achievements -> “Rocket Science!”

For each of the seven tasks in total, you will receive a ‘Rocket Science’ Box containing various items, including the chance for a three day token for the M26-T99. By completing all of the tasks of the special, you are guaranteed to receive the 3 days rent token at least once! And i you missed one or more tasks or if you don’t feel like completing one, then you can alternatively purchase the trophy in the ingame store, unlocking a reward and the achievement and thus meet the requirements.

After completing each task you will receive a Rocket Science Box that contains one of the following:
  • Random 10 - 75% RP or SL Booster
  • x5 Back-Ups for the vehicles used in battle
  • Random modifications for the vehicles used in battle
  • Random 10 - 30% Discounts for Premium rocket tanks
  • A “3 hours rent” for aircraft with rocket armament
  • A “72 hours rent” for rocket tanks
A new task will appear every three days. In total, seven tasks can be completed.
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