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Pilots, we have a new assignment. The enemy has stolen our encoding device and are already preparing to send it back home. If they succeed, it will be a costly disaster. It does not matter by what means or with how many sacrifices it takes, but we have to rectify this mistake. Before our airstrip was captured, I have flown through these mountains and there is a sure way to reach our target. By flying right along the watercourse.

The enemy is also aware of this route, but doesn’t consider it important. It is also almost impossible to gain any foothold there, so with a bit of luck, we will encounter only their unsuspecting and complacent anti-aircraft crews. It is important to stay away from patrol boats and to destroy the enemy mobile radio station somewhere in that area. The task at hand is a suicidal mission. Take light and fast aircraft. There will be no second shots at this.

Volunteers, step forward.

From 15:00 GMT on 8th of December to 07:00 GMT on 12th of December
Participate in the multiplayer PvE Event “Still Waters”

For more infomation on the event, view the full article here![forum.warthunder.com]
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Вижте всички коментари (15)

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