Game Update 4: New Map and Spearhead goodies

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ChromeZest 2013년 9월 30일 오후 7시 14분 
i dont like the fact that your red dot aim moves around as you turn the gun to shoot
Abraxas 2013년 9월 28일 오전 2시 08분 
Just bought this game as had my eye on it, loving it great potential, deffo gonna upgrade to spearhead next week, as this game deserves all the support as their Ideas seem well thought. Give them time and im sure we'll all get a superb game at the end.
Praxis 2013년 9월 11일 오후 12시 30분 
We are all stoked but for anyone else who is going to ask about the RPG aspects they wre working on them, we are going to be along for this game every step of the way, it is early acess just understand for what theyre trying to do they're going at an acceptional rate. keep up the good work zero-point
Don Keedick 2013년 9월 5일 오전 5시 03분 
RPG aspects? i dun see any :\
Superpato ( SVK ) 2013년 9월 4일 오전 5시 42분 
I bought the game and I think it is pretty cool. I miss something like singleplayer (with bots because I want to practice shooting,movement...). On your site there is written that something like this will be added in next update (i think). Do you know when will next update come out?...
P.S.: I have idea for 1 more map :D Something like Moon and there will be also Apollo11 and American flag :D (Sorry if my gramma is bad but i am not englishman ;-) )
Draco_Platina 2013년 9월 3일 오후 2시 46분 
I want to say thank you in advance for (hopefully) ignoring all the clamouring for random crap in the comments. I feel that the environments are interesting, and have character to them, which is missing in pretty much every game these days. The atmosphere of the available locations is great, and I'm excited to see where this game goes.
#2_:3 2013년 9월 2일 오후 7시 02분 

I would love to kill that feeling very slowly in a basement.
[TG] DaBlizz™ 2013년 9월 2일 오전 6시 37분 
You should add night vision scopes, but not in the helmets. Or whatever, I feel night vision in the helmets could kill the feeling of uncertainty during pitch-black sections.
XP 2013년 9월 1일 오후 8시 21분 
plz add a silencer gun mod
YummyBeer 2013년 9월 1일 오후 5시 58분 
I would like to see an "auto reload" added as soon as possible. I keep forgetting to reload and get killed. :)